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A free and complimentary Usenet server (NNTP).

Please send an email or use the contact form to get an account.
We chat on in channel #albasani
Web interface to IRC
On Usenet
news:albasani.announce is for (official) news. news:albasani.usenet-friends for smalltalk.
Donations can be made through PayPal. The monthly server rent currently is EUR 43.70 (CHF 55).
You can also donate by bank transfer:
Roman Racine
Bächlerstr. 43
8046 Zürich 
IBAN: CH17 0900 0000 8969 3148 6
Roman Racine
Bächlerstr. 43
8046 Zürich
Data protection
This web site does not use any user tracking or cookies. The follwing information is stored in the user data base upon registration: Name (if supplied), first name (if supplied), Mr/Ms (if supplied), hash of the autogenerated password, e-mail address, time of last log-in. These information will automatically be deleted after one year of inactivity. In addition, all postings contain an encrypted link to user account and used ip address. This information will be handed to law enforcement if required within one year. After this, the decryption-key will be deleted. Other than this, no information will be handed out to third parties.